ONe day camp

2021 Schedule

 March 20th

 March 27th

 April 2nd

 April 10th

 April 17th

  April 24th

While the One Day Camp is far from a beginner level camp, it is the first camp we recommend attending in the OtterBasketball program.

The Day Camp is the cornerstone in the OtterBasketball curriculum and all other camps build off of what is taught in this camp. 

This camp is recommended for new players and returning players because it consistently reinforces the importance of having a solid foundation and focuses on OtterBasketball's Efficiency of Movement techniques, which is vital to a player's success against more athletic players. 

This camp is co-ed and is open to all ages of players that are experienced and serious. 

It's hard to put an age limit on this camp because we feel it's important for young players to be introduced to these concepts as early as possible yet high school and college age players benefit greatly as well. We ask that players younger than 4th grade do not attend this camp unless they have experience with the OtterBasketball program through Virtual Kids Training and are ready to advance.
  4th Grade - College Level
  4th Grade - College Level
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